LED Fluorescent Luminous Message Board Alarm Clock 4 Port USB Hub

LED Fluorescent Luminous Message Board Alarm Clock 4 Port USB Hub
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Product Description


This is LED fluorescent luminous message board alarm clock 4 Port USB hub
You can write any words on the board what you like.
Digital clock has a LED light message board with a highlighter.
At night, you can read the words on the LED luminous screen board.
You can switch the time, date, temperature or display model.
There are 12 hours or 24 hours format selection, degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit option and three regular alarm clock and snooze function.
This clock supplies four USB charging hubs or AAA batteries. It is a great assistant with rich functions for you.
When you are outside, you can also leave a message on the board to your family. Or you can set at some points of one day to ring automatically happy birthday song.
Message board can be supporting the use of fluorescence pencil writing on the message board, lit the lamp LCD background, will appear in the message board beautiful handwriting.
It has a LED light Message board with a highlighter.You can write anything you like on the board.Even in the night the word and the LED display can be read.

4 USB port conversion function:

When the computer's USB port is not enough, you can connect this clock to the computer, connect the USB device into the USB port of the alarm clock, such as keyboard, mouse, U disk and so on.


Appearance of watch: white
Display screen: LED screen
USB hub: with 4 USB port hubs
Power supply: USB charging port or AAA battery( Batteries not included)
Backlight Color: Green or Blue
Item size: 138x117x64mm(max)
Net weight: About 154g
Package weight: About 100g
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If the light is not so bright, the sound is not clear, then you can try to change new batteries.
Anytime if not press any button in 10s, the screen will be back to time displaying automatically.
Press "Mode": Time→Temperature→Year→Month, Day→Alarm Clock 1→Alarm Clock 2→Alarm Clock 3→Birthday Greeting→Timing→Time
Every time it is power off, all the settings should be reset. The original time is 12:00AM, 01/01/2008, temperature is 25℃, and makes the "BiBi" sound.
Press the START button, the backlight is on. Connect to the DC In then the light and the LED screen will be on all the time; If not, then the light will be off in 10s without operation.

The mask on the board is to protect it during shipping, please peel it off before use.


Felicia's question:
I wanted to know if the backlight is permanently on or turn off after a few seconds.
The brightness is good even in dark environments?

Thea from Banggood answer:
If you power it through USB port, the backlight will permanently on.
If you power it by AA battery, it will turn off backlight after a few seconds, any button pressed could turn backlight on.
The brightness is good even in dark environments for sure.

Package included:

1 x LED fluorescent message board
1 x Pen
1 x User manual
1 x USB cable

LED Fluorescent Luminous Message Board Alarm Clock 4 Port USB Hub

LED Fluorescent Luminous Message Board Alarm Clock 4 Port USB Hub

LED Fluorescent Luminous Message Board Alarm Clock 4 Port USB Hub