AC12V 35W 441 LED RGB Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Light

AC12V 35W 441 LED RGB Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Light
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Product Description

Safety Warning:
- Only a licensed or certificated electrician or a qualified serviceman is allowed to install or maintain this product.
- Must be installed in accordance to the requirements of your government standard or local authorities.
- Never handle it with wet hands and feet.
- This light is design for use only when fully submerged in water.
- Never operate this light for more than 1 minutes unless it is totally submerged in water.
- All lights are requires to be disconnected from the main electricity before any operation of maintenance.
- Maximum depth range for the light installation: 1~10 meter
- Maximum water temperature range for the light: -20℃ ~ 35℃

Light Specifications:
Model: 8003S
Work voltage: AC 12V
Light power: 441 LED 35W
Light color: Colorful
Waterproof IP degree: IP68
Size: about 300x44x178mm

preparing to install
a. Make sure the pool and its electrical system meets the requirements of the current national or local electrical codes and ordinances.
b. This light can be installed in both concrete pools and fiber glass pools.
c. This light is designed to be used in new pools and/or pools with existing surface mounted lights that need replacement.
d. Use only good quality stainless steel screws or screws provided along with the light.
e. The light must be used or operated while fully submerged underwater only. Never switch on the light if it is not underwater.

Installation Notes:
a. Make sure to install the bracket on a vertical wall of the pool.
b. Make sure the top of the light should be at least 450mm below normal water surface.
c. Reserve at least 150mm long backup wire wrapping on the back of the light, for the convenience of replacing.
d. The junction box or the 12V low voltage transformer, should be located at least 300mm above the water surface, at least 200mm above the ground, and at least 1200mm from the edge of the pool.
e. To achieve synchronization, make sure all the lights are installed correctly on model and characteristics as the one being replaced.

RGB light Color Control Operation:
16 pre-programmed color modes of RGB Lights:
1. Blue: static blue 2. Red: static red
3. Green: static green 4. RB: static purple
5. BG: static cyan-blue 6. RG: static yellow
7. RGB: static white 8. RGB change gradually to R/G/B
9. R-G-RG slow animation 10. B-G-BG slow animation
11. R-B-RB slow animation 12. RB-BG-RG slow animation
13. R-G-B fast animation 14. B-G-R fast animation
15. Six colors fast animation 16. R-G-B slow animation

RGB Operation:
-Any of the 16 modes can be selected with the ON/OFF switch of your pool lights
-Turn the light ON. The first time the light is turned on, the color begins with Blue(mode 1). The 16 color modes will begin to run automatically.
-To change the color, turn the light OFF and then ON within 1.5 seconds. Continue turning OFF and ON until the desired light color mode is reached.
-When the light is turned OFF for more than 1.5 seconds, it will return to the beginning of the color cycle(mode 1).

Note 1: If a remote control device is being used, the color modes can also be selected with the controller. one remote control device can be adapted to 30 pool lights simultaneously within 100 meter.
Note 2: If the light is used with Direct Current (DC), a DMX 512 control and WIFI control is available.

Maintenance and Replacement:
a. There is no maintenance required for this light. It is designed to be used only once, meaning that replacement is necessary if it becomes defective. The repairing is impossible.
b. Before servicing the light, always disconnect power at the circuit breaker to it. Make sure there is NO voltage supplied to the light.
To replace the light, unfasten it from the bracket. Make sure the new light is the same switch.

Package included:
1 x Led Swimming Pool Light with cable
1 pack x Screws accessories
1 x Manual (Without remote control)

AC12V 35W 441 LED RGB Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Light

AC12V 35W 441 LED RGB Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Light

AC12V 35W 441 LED RGB Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Light

AC12V 35W 441 LED RGB Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Light

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