10 Pcs Lamination Tools Screen Protector Wipes Alcohol Package Film Dedicated For Mobile Phone

10 Pcs Lamination Tools Screen Protector Wipes Alcohol Package Film Dedicated For Mobile Phone
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Product Description


Compatible with:
1. Screen tablet to oil to finger print.
2 mobile computer digital product cleaning and disinfection, anti-static, protect the screen.
3. The glasses cleaning and disinfection,four kinds of eyeglass lens anti-fog, winter to protect the mirror tool.


1. Wipe gently only, can immediately remove the lens the fingerprints on the mobile phone LCD computer mouse keyboard grease and dirt, make the product immediately clean and bright.
2. This product is a fast dry wet paper, dropping, without water mark.No need to dry.Independent packing, easy to carry.
3. The nanometer active agent and wet strength of paper imported, deionized water, surfactant and other professional formula contains antibacterial ingredients refined but become.
4. Use after enjoying the lens clean sanitation, kill the common pathogenic bacteria group.
5. Tourism travel the necessary supplies.

Package included:

This paragraph is a three-piece: Dust removal membrane+Clean cloth+Alcohol wet package

Use step:
1. Tore open the packing, take out the wipes, wipe directly.
2. Please use immediately after take out the wet paper, such as moisture content of paper towels, will affect the cleaning effect.
3. If the items covered by sand, please gently brushed clean disinfection before using the product.

1. Cannot be used to wipe their hands or face.Allergic to alcohol, especially sensitive skin careful.
2. Wash your hands after using, avoid liquid drug residues in the fingertips.
3. If the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water.
4. Please keep out of reach of children.
5. Do not close to the fire.